How To Putt – Practice Makes Perfect


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When it comes to learning how to putt, one thing that will have a big effect on your putting is practice!

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How To Putt – Putting Secrets Revealed

how to putt betterI’m sure you’ve heard of the old saying, “practice makes perfect”? Well let me tell you why it’s such an important thing yet it’s only good for you if you do the right things first!

When I started playing reguarly I ended up getting incredibly frustrated with my golf because even though I could drive the ball miles, I simply couldn’t putt! – It’s one of those incredibly anoying things being able to drive a ball miles down the fairway yet when you get to the green you end up missing the simplest of putts!

One thing I realised after a while though was that I never practiced my putting! I just assumed that one day it would click into place and I’d get better! – Thankfully I did realise that I would have to start practicing my putting reguarly if I wanted to actually get better at it! After all, “practice makes perfect” I would say to myself.

Luckily for me the driving range was 5 minutes from my house and there was a practice green there that anybody could go on and practice their putting, so I started heading down there reguarly to see if I could get better! – I saw some improvement but not a great deal, and it was frustrating because I really wanted to know how to putt better!

The local pro who worked at the shop noticed that I was practicing my putting reguarly so one day he decided to come out and see what I was doing! – He instantly noticed a few faults but he didn’t have much time to actually help me out, and then he recommended that I should have lessons with him! – I didn’t fancy paying for his expensive training though!

One great tip he gave me though was that although, “practice makes perfect” if you’re practicing the wrong things you’ll never get better, you’ll just become better at being worse instead of learning how to putt.

It then occured to me that I’d have to really start looking seriously at training and having lessons but I really couldn’t afford the expensive hourly rate that most of the local pro’s were charging!

This is when I decided to go online and see if I could find some great online training! – I searched for hours and didn’t really find much, but then I finally managed to come across a great website which offered fantastic training, professional tips, videos and also had tons of great reviews from satisfied people!

Best Way To Putt?


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It’s a question that gets asked a lot, what is the best way to putt? It’s something I’ve personally found myself asking a ton of times because I’ve really wanted to know exactly how to putt.

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How To Putt – Putting Secrets Revealed

how to puttWhen you think about it though asking the question of how to putt is really quite stupid, because I’m sure there’s a ton of different ways to putt, but what we really want to know is the best way to putt…we want to know to play like the pros do!

There must be a best way to putt, and I think as golfers that’s what we really need to know!
For me it started years ago…I could always hit my drives a long way but when it came to putting I was absolutely terrible, I’d completely throw my game even after I’d hit the perfect drive straight down the fairway!

It’s very frustrating when you can hit the ball a long way yet not even place a simple putt in the hole!
I found the solution though…and it wasn’t through paying for expensive golf lessons off the local pro, in fact I found the solution to learning the best way to putt through the internet!

I searched high and low but finally discovered some amazing information that’s actually allowed me to lower my handicap by 18 strokes!

I picked it up a while back now, but since then I’ve shown my friends the exact same information and it’s helped them out too with learning how to putt.

It teaches the really simple things that actually make a huge difference. You’ll probably find that it’s not actually that hard to learn to putt well, it’s just about making small changes that result in a huge difference!

Once I thought that it must be some kind of special formula that makes people good at putting, like it was some kind of underground secret, what I actually found out instead that it’s not some underground secret at all, it’s just about doing the simple things…right!

How To Putt Better – Simple Things = Big Difference


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So I’ve always been able to hit the ball far when playing golf, but struggled with my putting, I really needed to know how to putt better and I was getting fed up of missing even the simplest of putts!

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How To Putt – Putting Secrets Revealed

how to puttWhen you’re playing golf with your friends and you can hit a drive 300 yards yet still seem to get beaten you can imagine how frustrating it must be, after all…my friends could putt, but I was just terrible! – It was obviously something in my technique that I was doing wrong that was ruining my whole game!

I figured that maybe it would be the simple things that might make a big difference, but then again if I didn’t know what those “simple things” were then I’d never know how to putt, and certainly wouldn’t learn how to putt better!

I thought about lessons with my local club pro because I’m sure he could teach me a thing or two, but then I discovered that the local pro was charging $50 per hour! – Chances are I wasn’t going to learn how to putt in 1 session, more like 2-3 minimum, which would set me back around $150! I couldn’t afford $150, it could even be more…what if I was so bad that I needed 5 or even 10 lessons…sure I’d learn how to putt but it would cost me $500!

It was at this moment when I took to the internet in search for some quality cheaper advice which would really fix my game! – I just wanted to learn some simple techniques that could transform my game so that maybe I’d actually be able to beat my friends for once!

Even after all the rounds of golf I’d ever played with my friends I’d never once won! – Not once….even when they had an awful game I still managed to throw it away with my terrible putting!

At first I found some good stuff on the internet, but nothing really that was going to change my game and teach me what I really needed to know, but then I managed to come across some really top quality information that has genuinely taught me exactly how to putt better!

Exactly How To Putt – That’s What I Needed To Know!


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It was last June…after playing golf all day with a friend of mine I finally decided I’d had enough, I really needed to take some lessons and learn exactly how to putt.

I’d debated for months now whether or not I should take up lessons from the club pro. After all, I could actually hit a golf ball over 300 yards off the tee but when it comes to putting I was absolutely terrible!

I guess it’s pretty pointless being able to drive a golf ball far when you can’t do anything with it once you get to the green!

I could actually drive my ball from the tee much further than my friend (who I played with) yet he was beating me with every round of golf we played purely because he knew how to putt better than I did!

As you can imagine it’s pretty annoying when you can smash the ball a lot further than the person you’re playing yet they still seem to beat you on every hole!

I contacted the club pro about lessons so he could teach me how to putt, but he came back to me saying the price was $50 per hour! – I’ve got no doubts that he would be able to teach me a few things but I’m sure he wouldn’t be able to perfect my putting in 1 lesson, more like 3-4 at least which would cost me $150 – $200!

I debated for a few days whether or not to take the lessons and then decided that I’d have a look on the internet to see If I could find anything which would be cheaper…all I wanted was to learn how to putt because I’d never even had basic lessons so anything that would help me out would be great!

What I stumbled upon was something a lot more than basic….it covered everything I needed to know about putting, it’s a golfing course called, “Breakthrough Putting” which teaches anybody how to putt like the golf pro’s!

This course has been an absolute miracle to improving my golf game…I’ve actually dropped my handicap by over 18 shots since I found “Breakthrough Putting”.

Can You Learn How To Putt?


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This is it…my new website! – I’ve put this website together to help people out who want to learn how to putt!

It’s not the easiest thing in the world…I know from experience! – I’ll be writing up another post soon which is all about my story and what I managed to achieve after learning a few things!

I started off playing golf a few years back and since then I’ve really taken a liking to it!

I play regularly with a friend of mine but I’ve never been very good at putting (until recently)… however my friend has always known how to putt, so he’s always beaten me!

I would always get to the green before him, simply because I had more power so could hit the ball further, but then as soon as we landed on the green, that was it…game over for me, because my friend new how to putt better and I didn’t have a clue!

Needless to say I actually never won a round of golf…my friend used to beat me every single time….even when I was positive I was going to beat him, my putting would end up letting me down!